Notice of Club Price Increases

As many of you may know by now we've had to increase our price point at Flex Comics. This is due to several events surrounding the pandemic. Primarily the increase of textile costs, textile shortages, employee wage increases, and increased shipping costs. Subsequently, we'll need to adjust our club prices.


  • TANK $23.99
  • STANDARD TEE $18.99
  • PREMIUM TEE $23.99
  • WOMEN'S TEE $19.99
  • STICKER $4.99 (Includes shipping)
  • MAGNET $4.99 (Includes shipping. New Product - swag out that garage door, gym equipment, or fridge!)
In order to alleviate workloads for us we will also be implementing a different billing structure for NEW members: Your monthly billing date will fall on your sign up date. For existing members your billing date will remain the same; 1st or 15th of the month.

We have also finalized the FLEX GUILD at Now you can manage your subscription, orders, tracking, and account all in one place. We encourage all our current Bro Tank Club members to segway over to the new club. Simply cancel your account for the Bro Tank Club and re-sign up at the FLEX GUILD

*Just remember you must create an account on the site in order to manage your account.*

If anyone needs assistance simply reply to this email.

We appreciate the epic support!
-The Flex Team